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Runescape gold advice is to buy membership at lower rates if you intend on enjoying a lot (several hours/day) or waiting till mid or high degrees if you play less frequently. In the event of the latter, try to 1) Aim towards finishing most (or all) f2p quests, two ) Achieving lvl 40+ in many (or all) f2p skills, AND 3) Accumulating - in the very least - 1mil Gold prior to purchasing membership. But you haven't purchased membership and if you have already achieved all of these , then you are dropping out by continuing to perform f2p. Skilling and money making are much easier on p2p and you also have access to hundreds of more quests. So it is surely worthwhile to have membership in the long run.

It is important for me to be aware that I am currently playing with Runescape3, maybe not Rs gold. I have not ever played with the true OSRS version of the sport BUT I was playing Runescape2 (and, not to mention, RS Classic) from the mid-2000's, of which OSRS was modelled later. While I envision many things have shifted from the past (nearly) 12 years since I played with a variation of Runescape that has been remotely similar to OSRS, I know for a fact that many things have stayed the same. With this being so, I'd advise anyone playing OSRS OR Runescape3 to follow the urge that I published in the last paragraph - Use f2p to undergo the low/mid amounts and p2p to make it through the mid/high amounts, based on how often you perform. I propose obtaining membership at rates that are lower than you would if you put in 10 hours/week if you put in 20 +.

Runescape has been around forever, and other MMORPG's still cant take a hint of information out of runescape. Ive said it multiple times before that the thing runescape does better than any other mmo ever is its own loot table, no video game in history has such a perfect and beautifully layed out loot table compared to runescape, almost every single enemy at Runescape has many dfferent item available to drop in Runescape and every one has a certain prospect of falling, for people who prefer to loot nonstop Runescape is the best in that.


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