SYDNEY, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Australia's Olympic team have been welcomed home has heroes at a rousing reception at Sydney's international airport on Wednesday.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull greeted the some 300 Aussie Olympic athletes as they departed the chartered Qantas Airways flight, saying the nation should be proud of their achievements.

""They are all champions, every single one of them,"" Turnbull told Australia's Seven Network just prior to the plane's arrival.

Australia took a team of 421 athletes, with the remainder to arrive on another charter on Thursday.

The celebration however has been dampened by the public spat between the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Olympic Committee on funding after Australia failed to achieve its top five ranking.

Australia finished tenth on the medals table with eight gold, the same as its dismal performance at London 2012 following the poor performance of its swim team.

The authors of a landmark 2009 report on the future of Australian sport on Wednesday said despite the athletes doing ""incredibly well at Rio,"" the country needs a rethink on what they wish to achieve as a top-five finish is an ""unrealistic expectation"" and ""hugely unfair to our athletes"".

""Our view is we should define the sports we wish to succeed in and back these up with reasonable investment,"" the authors of the Crawford report wrote in an opinion editorial, published by News Corp on Wednesday.

Investment into the medal count for Australian athletes come at a huge dollar cost that competes for funding with other community and sports programs, the authors argued.

According to Turnbull, Australia spent over 500 million Australian dollars (381 million U.S. dollars) in public funds for its Rio campaign, though funding for Tokyo 2020 could be cut back.

""Resources are scarce,"" Turnbull said when asked about future funding for Australia's sports programs.


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When I first played Runescape I had been a snivelling preteen with too much time on his hands buy RuneScape gold. It had been the only game of its own scale and size I had access to - all it took was a dial-up online connection and a browser window. As an added bonus, that meant I could play it both at home and in college. Ten years , despite cataclysmic adjustments and additions, its own unique brand of total accessibility is still going strong at a world where free MMOs are commonplace, and also you don't have to await your parents to get off the phone to log into.

Connected: speaking of free MMOs, here are a few to test out if your Steam wallet is empty. I recently tried to log in to a very old email account, which I could only do by searching down an even elderly login for Runescape. A username may bring back a lot of memories as it happens, particularly one like g0ds1ayer94. This saga got me thinking: what's ol' Runie like nowadays? Fuelled by nostalgia, I made a new account and began exploring the dream world of Gielinor once again.

In the ten years I've been away, Runescape has gone from a fantasy-themed chatroom into a fully fledged MMO, complete with its very own yearly festival, a card game spin off and enough content to make 12-year-old me weak in the knees. If you can believe it, you need to actually download the most recent version of the game.

It is a game that's maintained many of its players via continuous updates and unrivalled audience interaction; log off for a month and you may have missed something that the community will be referencing for the next few decades.

I logged off for ten years.In that time, Jagex have revived their outdated tutorial island, included an entirely new combat system, overhauled the whole game engine five times and filled the game universe with roughly 200 new quests. And those are only the biggest changes: Runescape has additionally received around 650 other OSRS gold attribute upgrades in that moment, and of course countless patches and fixes which have been deployed. The simple fact that Jagex removed the Wilderness for 3 decades still feels like an insult into a previous self - even if I was not playing at the moment.
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       kate Middleton of Princess Kate is the Superstar of royal group as before! Williams prince, develop this white-headed white-headed strong, suck sufficient eyeball and the expressional cough up that there is more Jing to admire after ~ expects Koki reputably! Current be in power of little fresh pork, Burgundy Nina Canacci dresses, " hypnotic Great Master ", the free elder brother with an one puerile.

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       can turn through 2 dimension code date of Zhang support public. Read textual read complain write leave a message small letter sweeps attention this public dateDrop in temperature season, cai Yilin looks this beautiful also be this used lipstick, grid lets Clouds Stores from belt dark female department pure and fresh, Cheap Sale Cinderella Couture Flower Girl Dress Spring 2019, tie-in suit jacket is the most stylish, can you buy sheet for these old clotheses? 9700 streets take shirt of silks and satins of drape of 9800SIES MARJAN of coat of SIES MARJAN drape sweater of the ball since beggar wind hole is worn.

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