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At the start May, the Nexon group kicked off the very first closed beta session of MapleStory 2 within the West and promised to reopen the MapleStory 2 Mesos exam servers in July. Today, the studio is somewhat more precise and details the terms on this beta 2: tests is going to be held from July 18 to August 1, because of their batch of recent content.

In bulk, we understand that this beta 2 marks the opening with the shop (for testing purposes, we're told, with non definitive rates), but must integrate dozens of latest quests especially various varieties of high-level dungeons, so for players that have already progressed in the beta 1. We can so try the Hard Adventure dungeons, much stronger compared to dungeons Basic Adventure - we shall face the bumps to four players without longer at ten. The Shadow Altar raid, already obtainable in Beta 1, is back, but here again its difficulty may be increased (designed to be a "little dungeon level 30" in beta 1, and modified to produce a raid for ten players level 50 in beta 2). Top players (solo at level 50) can also be able to seek to survive in specific dungeons swept by 30 successive waves of monsters which will have to become pushed back and even venture into "treasure dungeons", labyrinths stuffed with traps and dangers but containing treasures that any of us are promised very attractive.
This beta 2 will unlock a brand new temporary game mode, the Royal Battle Royale, for 50 players who compete in a very confined space prior to the last survivor plus in which it is going to be possible to climb the walls, jump by Above obstacles, hide inside the bushes or increase the strength of his character by facing monsters. Players who accomplish this Mushking Royale mode will win unlocked cosmetic items when the experience is released.

For the curious, registrations because of this phase of closed Beta Western are open within the official website, as of this address - the developer said hello is useless to re-register as we have already registered for Beta 1. Invitations are going to be distributed, especially on internet sites. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied MapleStory 2 Gold from MMOAH with cheapest price.
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Since its introduction in 2015, MapleStory 2 has always received the attention of your large quantity of Vietnamese gamers by its non-target action gameplay with extremely interesting combos. The game controls the smoothness moves, blowing inside the game over the keyboard. The game can be a fantasy MMORPG manufactured by Nexon Korea.

Inheriting the success in the previous version, the action continues to exploit the cute graphics with a unique 3D platform and MapleStory 2 Mesos convey out new and interesting gameplay style in accordance together with the trend on the era. Not to shed the inherent identity to make a virtual world that draws both old and new gamers.

In early April, Nexon America officially announced the English version of MapleStory 2, and in addition opened a closed beta in May. Recently, MapleStory 2 has officially announced the production date. on October 10th. However, players who subscribe towards the Founder's Pack is going to be given priority to try out from 1.10. With the launch in this official release, Nexon brings gamers lots of new things: the revolutionary Rune Blade Class, 12 new dungeons, and a different level of character upgrades. 50 to 60 and many other cool features.

In addition, currently, the survival mode in MapleStory 2 called Mushking Royale may be officially opened Nexon free for players to pre-order the product. Along with that, these players in addition have the privilege of developing and naming characters on the moment.

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Studio Grinding Gear Games announced another free add-on (a large update) to the Path of Exile, with the subtitle Betrayal. The production will focus on the investigation of the mysterious organization Immortal Syndicate.

Studio Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Betrayal - another expansion to the titled, free hack'n'slasha from 2013, which will debut on December 7 on PC, December 10 on Xbox One, and a moment later - in the middle of the month - also on PlayStation 4 (along with the entire game). In this production, we will help Jun Ortoi in the investigation of the mysterious organization Immortal Syndicate: we will try to discover the POE Currency identity of the members, as well as find and defeat the leader. Of course, given the nature of the title in question, the investigation will require the murder of legions of opponents - the creators plan to add a few rather unusual mechanics to the game, as for this genre.

What are we talking about? For example, we will be able to manipulate members of the syndicate. In each location of the game, we encounter one of 18 people belonging to the organization. They are part of one of the four divisions (Fortification, Research, Transportation and Intervention) and have their own personality, friends and enemies. During the fight, the opponent may receive support from allies or be attacked by rivals inside the syndicate. After the end of the match we will be given the opportunity to decide how we want to continue the investigation. You will be able to kill the defeated enemy, interrogate him or try to get along - for example, convince the prisoner to betray his fellow men.

Path of Exile is a hack'n'slash, widely regarded as one of the best games in the history of this genre - it is characterized by an extraordinary level of expansion, offering players an almost infinite number of character development opportunities. The production debuted on the PC a little over five years ago. Last year, an edition dedicated to Xbox One was released, and recently we learned that in December the title will also be available on PlayStation 4. If you want to Buy POE Orbs, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.
Path of Exile was scheduled for early December on PlayStation 4, but will arrive only in February.

The PS4 version of this action RPG has been delayed due to issues in the certification process and now, it will take more time for POE Currency Grinding Gear Games to get approved.

Through the official website of the game, Grinding Gear Games apologized for the delay.

"We underestimated the work required to complete the certification process during the busy Christmas period," the studio said.

"Although we expect to have everything ready in January, we are more comfortable promising a release in early February. This will give us time to work on the performance / frame ratio of the game, something we feel needs improvement before launch."

"We are sorry that many PlayStation players wanted to play Betrayal during Christmas and were eagerly awaiting news of the launch." We promised that Path of Exile will be spectacular on PlayStation 4 when it arrives early next year. "

Path of Exile was originally released in October 2013 for PC and in August of 2017 it reached the Xbox One, being a free RPG action played by thousands of players around the world. By the way, if you are interested to Buy POE Orbs, stay tuned for more at mmoah.
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Nexon America’s is celebrating the 12th Anniversary of MapleStory, as well as mark the occcasion they have thought we would introduce several events that you can participate in. This is surely an easy way for all to celebrate the Maplestory M Mesos anniversary, whilst also managing to acquire some easy items and rewards.

The first event in the bunch is referred to as Freaky Frankenbalrog. With this event, some elite monsters might transform into Frankenbalrog, along with order to perform into them, all you have to try and do is make quest ‘[12th Anniversary] Defeat Frankenbalrog!’. If you manage to consider down one of them creatures, you are going to be rewarded using a Maple Anniversary Equipment Box. Opening this box means that you one random piece of equipment through the past eleven anniversaries. Slaying the Frankenbalrog also can grant you drops for instance Spell Traces, restorative items, trait items, or possibly a Freaky Frankenbalrog Summoning Sack. This quest is simply available for players which can be level 33 or over.

The next event is called Bizarre Balloon Bonanza, and since the title suggests, it’s about balloons. Nexon thinks that anybody should have balloons at party big like this one. To start off, you’ll have to take within the quest ‘[12th Anniversary] Bizarre Balloon Bonanza’ in the event notifier located within the left side of one's screen. From there, you'll go on to hunt monsters that happen to be 10 levels below or 20 levels above, that will drop Weird Helium Gas which you make use of in order to refill three different monster-shaped balloons. Each of these balloons will provide you with a special reward. Keep collecting these before the end in the anniversary in order to acquire very special rewards like accessories, 12th Anniversary Coins, along with a Wild Bean Balloon Mount.

If you wish to check out the all what Nexon has prepared with the 12th anniversary, check out the state run announcement for the MapleStory website. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap Maplestory Mobile Mesos, stay tuned for more at mmoah.
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Hi all,

We’d want to provide clarity in to the issues we encountered over the weekend. We discovered issues together with the Sunny Sunday Star Force perk which caused equipment to own irregular stats. In order to mitigate the effects on the issue and let us time to look into a resolution, we chose to temporarily disable Star Force enhancements, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace transfer systems in the end continued to work with a MapleStory 2 Mesos resolution and also compensation.

We apologize this action ended suddenly, and know that these systems being disabled is responsible for players a wide range of inconvenience. We discussed there are several options for responding towards the issue and chose to avoid another maintenance. Ultimately, your choice was built to prevent further enhancements of those irregular items, and enable us a much better opportunity to correct the issues using the items.

There are two core issues we are investigating with all the way the event handled items.

    In the situation of gloves being enhanced, there was instances the place that the enhancement wouldn't normally gain the appropriate amount of stat increase.
        When enhancing from 6 -> 8, 8 -> 10, or 10 -> 12 stars, extra ATT were being incorrectly added through the enhancement.
        When enhancing from 5 -> 7, 7 -> 9, or 9 -> 11 stars, ATT that should are already applied using the enhancement has not been applied on the item.
    For all weapons and equipment, when enhancing from 4 -> 6 stars, extra stats gained from enhancing from 5 -> 6 stars (that should have already been applied together with the enhancement) had not been applied for the item.

Please be aware some from the items troubled by this issue could possibly have been within the Auction House, circulated through trades, or enhanced further. We want to adjust the stats these items to handle the issue encountered earlier this weekend. Note that these products can either gain or lose some stats depending around the situations described above.

In recently’s maintenance we mean to:

    Adjust the stats from the glove items suffering from issue #1 above.
    Re-enable the Star Force enhancement, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace transfer systems.

In in the near future’s maintenance, we decide to adjust the stats for your equipment and weapons impacted by issue #2 above. We will also always investigate some other issues where equipment can have received incorrect stats after Star Force enhancement. After these maintenances, in case you still find a product affected by these difficulty with incorrect stats, please contact Customer Support and now we will continue to examine.

Lastly, as compensation for these problems, we decide to add the next perks towards the August 5th Sunny Sunday:

    Receive 100% rate of success when Star Force enhancing equips from 5 stars, 10 stars, and 15 star
    Receive 30% off after you do Star Force enhancements

We also intend to run a different 2x EXP and Drop event on Saturday August 4th.

We sincerely apologize with the inconvenience these complaints have caused and develop to provide more updates as we now have them.

There happens to be an issue with all the Sunny Sunday perk for Star Force Enhancements and we've got temporarily disabled Star Force, Transfer Hammer, and Equipment Trace Transfer in the end investigate the problem.  We apologize for that inconvenience. If you want to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.
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