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PST: Sunday, December 24, 2017 4:00 PM – Sunday, December 31, 2017 3:59 PM
EST: Sunday, December 24, 2017 7:00 PM – Sunday, December 31, 2017 6:59 PM
CET: Monday, December 25, 2017 1:00 AM – Monday, January 1, 2018 12:59 AM
AEDT: Monday, December 25, 2017 11:00 AM – Monday, January 1, 2018 10:59 AM

MapleStory will probably be having another week of Hot Days! Get in-game for many great items!

Log in each day which has a character Lv. 33 or over, and then click the gift box icon around the left side on the screen to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos obtain a Gift Box, and double-click the lamp in your inventory to look at it. The Gift Box can be acquired once in the 24-hour period each day between the times of day of 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST / 1:00 AM CET / 11:00 AM AEDT, and 3:59 PM PST / 6:59 PM EST / 12:59 AM CET / 10:59 AM AEDT.

Once you have the gift box, you are able to open it anytime before 1:00 AM PST / 4:00 AM EST / 10:00 AM CET / 8:00 PM AEDT on the following day.

If you might have more than 30 unclaimed gifts, you will possibly not be able to understand the Hot Week reward. Please clear any unclaimed gifts and login again to view the Hot Week reward.

All rewards are for both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds unless specifically noted below.

    Monday, December 25
        2000 Reward Points Token: Untradeable, 7-day duration.
    Tuesday, December 26
        Epic Potential Scroll 100%: Untradeable, 7-day duration.
    Wednesday, December 27
        Nova Coin (x30): Untradeable
    Thursday, December 28
        Spell Trace (x300): Untradeable
    Friday, December 29
        2x EXP Coupon (x3): Untradeable, 7-day duration. Use to get 2x EXP for half-hour.
    Saturday, December 30
        Storage Room 4 Slot Coupon: Untradeable
    Sunday, December 31
        Job Advancement Coin: Untradeable, 7-day duration.
        Plus select one additional reward through the items given Monday through Saturday!

If you get a Gift Box everyday from Monday to Saturday, after that time Sunday—in addition to Sunday's reward—you may select another gift! You can choose one from all on the items that got out from Monday to Saturday. You are not needed to have received every day’s Gift Box for the same character just to be eligible for that extra gift, nonetheless it does have to be with characters inside same world (multiple worlds in World Alliances don't count).

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Microsoft on Tuesday released new downloadable content Forza Horizon 4 Credits because of its racing game, Forza Horizon 2. The game's latest expansion, the G-Shock Car Pack, is accessible now on Xbox One (DLC isn't released with the Xbox 360 version) and features five new cars, which might be listed below.
Forza Horizon 2 DLC pass owners have the DLC free, while the competition must pay $5 because of it. However, you don't have to pay anything to the 2010 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 car, that is available to be a free download for everyone Forza Horizon 2 players during January.
For more about the cars included with all the Forza Horizon 2 G-Shock Car Pack, view the list below, and also the image gallery at the end of this post. What's more, MMOAH pledge to sell Cheap Forza Horizon 4 Credits to gamers from around the world.
Forza 6 Apex isn't only new game in Microsoft's racing series currently in development. The company has announced the "next Forza game," confirming the Lamborghini Centenario is going to be the "cover car" for this.
"We're nearly ready to unveil the title or any big details about the next Forza game yet--you'll need to wait for your Forza Horizon 4 Credits Xbox media briefing at June 2016's E3 for your," Microsoft said inside a post on Xbox Wire.
There is confirmed detail, however. Microsoft says the unannounced game sports the "largest and many diverse car listing of any gaming franchise this generation."
Microsoft didn't provide a release date to the new Forza game or say what platform(s) it's coming to, though Xbox One is usually a good bet. A teaser trailer is accessible above.
This style of announcement schedule is now a trend for Microsoft. It announced Forza 6 in January 2015 and revealed it completely at E3 that summer before its launch inside the fall. That game's "cover car" was the Ford GT.
The Lamborghini Centenario is just not even available from the real world yet. It can make its debut from the new Forza game together with Microsoft's "First in Forza" campaign. The car sports 770 horespower and may go from 0-60 mph into two.8 seconds and from 0-186 mph in 23.5 seconds. Its top speed is much more than 200 mph.
"In simple terms, it is freaking fast, "Microsoft said. "And you're free to see it with the first time in Forza."
While you'll must wait until June to learn more in regards to the new Forza, developer Turn 10 Studios has announced a Forza 6 in-game event the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. Basically, you'll be able to compete over time trial events and ranked multiplayer leagues utilizing the 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo, that is already from the game. Perform well enough and you will earn the 2015 Huracan Super Trofeo car as well as an invitation to some second "season" from the series. Head on the Forza site to get all the info.
Microsoft in addition has confirmed result-oriented Forza franchise numbers. On Xbox One alone, in excess of 10 million folk have played Forza games across Forza 5 (2013), Forza Horizon 2 (2014), and Forza 6 (2015).
For more about this week's other Forza announcements, investigate stories below.
Forza 6 Porsche Expansion Confirmed, Out NowForza Series Coming to PC as Free-to-Play Game With "Stunning Graphics" You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of Cheap Forza Horizon 4 Credits online.
Forza Horizon 3 releases later this season, this also time around it's from Australia. If you're happy to pay an additional $40, you'll also obtain a bunch of additional cars to drive inside the land down under. Forza Horizon 3's $100 Ultimate edition comes using the Forza Horizon 4 Credits Car Pass, Motorsport All-Stars Car pack, and VIP membership.
The Car Pass gets you six monthly car packs that are included with seven cars each--42 cars overall. The first pack releases in October, and a brand new one arrives each consecutive month while using last one releasing in March of buy. If you'll be able to't delay until October for brand spanking new cars, the Motorsport All-Stars Car pack offers you 10 modern race cars to take to get a spin on the get-go.
Lastly, the VIP membership grants you use of exclusive cars, events, and much more. The five cars included would be the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV, 2016 Koenigsegg Regera, 2015 Ferrari F12tdf, 2015 Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020, and 2015 Ford Falcon GT F 351. VIP members will also get bonuses like double Wheelspin earnings, having access to online events, and community gifts.
Each in the included add-ons are only available as a part of bundles. You could see the Ultimate edition on your own here.
Forza Horizon 3 releases for Xbox One and PC on September 27. It's contained in Microsoft's Play Anywhere program that allows buy certain games on Xbox One and play them without cost on PC.
The next instalment from the Forza Horizon series was revealed at Microsoft's E3 conference using a gameplay trailer, which is usually seen from the video for the top from the article. You are able to see all the news through the Microsoft presser here or check some stories out with the link below.
Horde Mode 3.0 Confirmed For Gears Of War 4Scalebound Will Feature Co-op Play And Giant BossesXbox One, PC Exclusive Recore Gets Confirmed Release DateDead Rising 4 Confirmed, Release Window AnnouncedWitcher 3's Card Game Gwent Getting Standalone Release for Xbox One and PC
You can continue to keep up as of yet on all of the news and impressions in the event with GameSpot's E3 hub here. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to Buy FH4 Credits online.
The cool-looking Hot Wheels expansion for Microsoft's racing game Forza Horizon 3 is otherwise engaged now on Xbox One and PC. As announced previously, the add-on brings ten Hot Wheels cars to the sport, such as 2012 Rip Rod and 2011 Bone Shaker, and new courses to push on with corkscrews and loops within the trademark orange tracks.
This is Horizon 3's second major expansion, following Blizzard Mountain. The open-world racing game in addition has received a Forza Horizon 4 Credits quantity of additional vehicles through DLC.
The Hot Wheels expansion is protected with Forza Horizon 3's $35 Expansion Pass (which comes with Blizzard Mountain) or it could be purchased alone for $20.
Arriving alongside the Hot Wheels expansion today is an enormous new update for your PC version of Forza Horizon 3. It adds support after only more racing wheels (see the complete list here) and as well makes changes to the sport's architecture such that the action sees a "significant CPU performance gain" on high or ultra setts for PCs that meet at the very least the recommended spec.
Additionally, the "thread model" is updated to "make better by using all available cores." There is also a brand new option inside the graphics tab to toggle this off; you could find the option from the Video Settings menu under a whole new tab for "Threaded Optimization."
Even more graphics options go to Forza Horizon 3 on PC with today's new update, looking to help improve frame rate for anyone playing on lower-spec rigs. Shop on is safe and convenient where you can enjoy the wonderful shopping experience. With the fast development of world internet technology, they can provide cheap & fast Forza Horizon 4 Credits. 
Anthony Davis thinks he's the NBA's best player, but his mission this year is to have everyone else to imagine that he or she is one in the strongest from the league.
"I think I am by far the most dominant player (inside the NBA)," Davis told reporters Wednesday, via "But it’s my job to Buy NBA Mobile Coins try and convince you (inside the media)."
In six seasons, Davis has produced five All-Star teams and was named for the All-Rookie team in addition to creating the All-Defensive and All-League teams on three different occasions.
The 25-year-old finished third within the NBA in MVP voting last season after averaging 28.1 points and 11.1 rebounds. He has averaged 23.4 points, 10.3 rebounds and a couple of.4 blocks throughout his career.
Those numbers gives anyone confidence, but Davis is extra confident heading in the 2018-19 season.
"In my eyes, I am the most beneficial player within the game," he was quoted saying, per the c's's website. "I experience that way. Nobody can identify different." If you want to learn more about NBA Live Mobile Coins, please continue to keep an eye on mmoah.
Tyronn Lue thinks JR Smith has were built with a “great attitude” in training camp.
The 33-year-old guard struggled together with the Cavaliers last season and the spot within the team’s rotation is reportedly NBA Live Mobile Coins at risk. But, Lue said Tuesday he is impressed with Smith until now this preseason.
“His body of training speaks for itself," Lue said (via "He's a veteran who helped us win a championship 2 yrs ago. … He's taken on that veteran leadership role of telling the young guys how it can be and what they're supposed for being doing. He's been leading by example."
Lue said Smith reported to training camp “15 pounds” lighter.
"I think as you become older, (it) helps with all the wear and tear on your own body," Lue said. "The lighter you're, the better it can be for your body. Being in shape the way in which he started in is phenomenal."
The 14-year veteran has been together with the Cavaliers since January 2015. He averaged 8.3 points and shot 37.5 % from 3-point range last season. Now more ways to buy bargain NBA Live Mobile Coins, as an example, visit official mmoah site.
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The DMO game has been on the steam for a while, attracting a lot of players to join. But it's worth noting that the game's DMO Gold is more difficult to obtain, and this has become one of the obstacles that restrict most players' ability to improve.
I found that MMOAH provides a DMO Currency service that allows players to purchase a large amount of DMO Gold for a small amount of money, to buy the equipment they want at the auction house, or to trade directly with other players, use DMO Gold to buy the powerful digimon you want. It wasn't until after I experienced their service quality that I really discovered the joy of DMO and the combat power improved quickly. has launched a coupon code on Halloween. Use coupon code "Halloween" to enjoy a 6% discount on payment. You can try it on MMOAH's official website now, maybe it still works.
As we previously reported it could, Bandai Namco announced a brand-new Digimon game now, dubbed Digimon Survive.

Details within the title are currently a lttle bit light, but might know about do know is the experience is being pitched being a survival simulation RPG devoted to story and choices, and is within development for DMO Currency PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

What we also know is the protagonist of the action will be a boy named Takuma Momotsuka, who's as part of his second-year as being a middle school student, and who's got suddenly been transported from camp to your dangerous world where life-threatening monsters inhabit and rule.

The rest in the tale can be a classic story of coming back home, as Momotsuka with the exceptional partner Digimon Agumon venture from the dangerous world and find the best way out and home.

The following, further info is provided (Famitsu via Gematsu):

"Your Choices Affect Digivolution as well as the Story – The choices you will be making during your adventure changes the development on the story, likewise as the monsters you'll be able to Digivolve during battle. There are various possibilities. While conversation scenes use 2D illustrations, they can be depicted with 3D-esque spatial presentation.

"Explore Another World – The keys towards the story are hidden at various points for the field. Point and click on at locations of great interest to investigate.

"Simulation Battles Where Choice Determines Victory – Move your Digimon partners about the field and combat enemies. During battle, “Energy” is employed to perform actions, including Digivolution. Skillfully with your Energy could be the key to victory."

Digimon Survive is scheduled to come sometime buy, 2019. It's important to be aware that Digimon Survive isn't the newest Digimon Story game that producer Kazumasa Habu teased this past year. It's unclear when said game will probably be revealed. Well, good news! Digimon Masters Online game is available now on Steam. In order to enjoy the game better, you can buy the cheap DMO TERA at to reduce the initial difficulty of the game and quickly improve your combat power.
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