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Maybe you all get stuck with the same keystones, there's the option to look outside your group. If they're judging it so far out of band that it feels unfair, then yeah, that's something that I would want to look at on the dungeon level, not necessarily on the keystone itself. That might affect other people as well. If the dungeon feels just overly difficult then it's likely overly difficult on not-Mythic-Plus difficulties as well. I think there was a hotfix maybe a month ago or so now that looked to retuning a lot of abilities in King's Rest in particular, and some other dungeons as well.

Touching on that idea of pulling in players from outside the group, certainly another topic that we hear a lot of discussion about it is score and its relationship to how people complete their groups. Are there any thoughts about possibly integrating some of that more-detailed information about what instances players have run before Buy WoW Classic Gold, or how they've completed them on time, in a way that gives players more control or that offers more information via something other than a third-party site?

This is actually something that we've looked at a lot going from Legion to the Battle for Azeroth. We have a Mythic Plus leaderboard where it shows the top 100 for your server, and that's what io was looking at to give you a score. But then if you weren't in the top 100, how do they see that? So we actually expanded that to the top 500 in late May. And then recently with Battle for Azeroth and Tides of Vengeance, we've actually added your Mythic Plus keystone completion to your individual player profile, so that was something we did fairly recently. That's something that we've opened up to the APIs so that they have more control over that as well.

All the way back in the original WoW classic, players have always have had some kind of metric that they want to use to look for group mates. Whether it was just inspecting an individual and looking at their gear, and then from there it graduated into ilevel, and then from there we had the Proving Grounds of Pandaria, and now we have this Mythic keystone io score. We've updated the UI so you can actually see your season best of your dungeon runs -- that doesn't reset weekly anymore. It actually persists over the whole course of the season, and it is something that we've discussed in terms of, is it something that we can expose almost like a dungeon score, or is this something that we just want to give the community the proper tools to create this metric for themselves?

It's been fun to watch evolve. It's an ongoing conversation, so we want to support the community wherever we can. Talk to me about the motivation behind some of the upcoming changes to the MDI. So the MDI had a ton of interest from our player base. There will be separate leagues and there will be a lot more points and opportunities for players to engage with the MDI.