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TORONTO -- As anyone who has ever tried cleaning a basement or garage filled with junk knows, things get worse before they get better. Brian Quick Jersey . Toronto FC is at that messy stage of the clean-up. A year ago at this time, the perennial MLS underachiever was 1-10-0 in the league basement and had just fired manager Aron Winter. Today the club sports a new president, manager, chief scout, two new assistant coaches and has brought in 19 new players since the end of last season. The team is 1-6-4, proving that progress can be painfully slow. It stands 18th in the 19-team league, is winless in nine league games and has lost four straight. Toronto has shot itself in the foot, failing to take its chances while dropping nine points from six games by conceding late goals (in stoppage-time on three of those occasions). On the plus side, all six league losses have been by just one goal. "Every league game this season, you can make an argument that we could have won," said manager Ryan Nelsen. "As Ive been saying all the time, were probably the only team in the league that hasnt been beaten by two or three goals in a game yet." Some might say a loss is a loss is a loss. But hope springs eternal for Nelsen as Toronto heads to Boston for a Saturday night game with the New England Revolution (3-4-4). Count New England coach Jay Heaps in the Nelsen camp. He too sees beyond the standings when it comes to Toronto. "Torontos a good team," he told local reporters this week. The makeover has only just begun in Toronto. Nelsen all but salivates at the thought of the summer transfer window opening July 9. Currently 11 points out of a playoff place, Nelsens goal is not to lose any more ground in June until he can make more changes. "Even if thats 10 points off the playoffs come the window, Id be more than confident well have a very good chance getting in (the post-season)," he said. Asked for the reason for that confidence, Nelsen smiled and said: "Because I like the window. Its a nice time." Citing conversations with such noted managers as Sir Alex Ferguson, Sam Allardyce and Harry Redknapp, he said: "They tell me it takes three windows minimum to even get a team to where you want it to be. "And weve only had really half of one -- or one really. Were starting to get competitive and when this window comes, I think it will be a wee bit different." As a former well-respected player, Nelsen has plenty of ties in Britain. You can bet he is twisting as many arms as he can. As seems to be Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainments way (remember the 1,300-pound boulder in the Raptors dressing room and Toronto FCs "Burn the Boats" locker-room slogan), Toronto FC chose a new symbol this year for the franchise. For the most part, it seems to have been ignored in the disappointing weeks since. But new president Kevin Payne, an American, proudly pointed to the Inukshuk when he met media during the pre-season. Ignoring the Inukshuks original Inuit intent as a land marker, Toronto FC actually chose the more modern inunnguaq (or imitation of a person). TFC says the Inukshuk "symbolizes co-operation, balance and unselfishness." "Each stone is a separate entity, yet each supports and is supported by the one above and the one below it. No one piece is any more or any less important than the other. Its strength lies in its unity. Its significance comes from its meaning as a whole," read a TFC handout Be that as it may, come the opening of the transfer window, Nelsen is looking to collect some better rocks. Of the 19 new faces to date, four -- Julio Cesar, Ashton Bennett, Taylor Morgan and John Bostock -- have already been cast aside. Israeli defender Tal Ben Haim never made it here although Nelsen says talks continue with his former teammate. Attacking midfielder Hogan Ephraim is slated to return to Queens Park Rangers. Veteran defender Danny Califf, brought in for his experience and savvy, has fallen so far down the depth chart youd need a dredger to find him. Califfs crime? He missed a game due to a stomach virus, never got his spot back and has dropped to the back of the bus since. He has become a US$165,000-a-year bench player, seemingly for no fault of his own. Goalie Stefan Frei, who lost his job through injury and Joe Bendiks acrobatics in his absence, is a $200,000 observer come game-time. Young Canadian international Ashtone Morgan, a holdover, is also watching from the bench these days. Jeremy Hall, who has flourished in the midfield this season after shifting from fullback, says change is part of pro soccer. "Our job is to win games and we havent won so the coaching staff and Kevin are trying to do whatever it takes to bring a winning team here," said Hall, who at 24 is on his fourth MLS team. Both Toronto and New England have injury concerns. Nelsen says his injured list includes Justin Braun, Califf, Bobby Convey, Richard Eckersley, Stefan Frei and Darel Russell. Captain Darren ODea may remain at left back, with Steven Caldwell and Doneil Henry at centre back. Ephraim is healthy and could sub for Braun. Star striker Danny Koevermans is ready to play after a 10-month absence due to a knee injury but is being held out of the game because the artificial turf at New England is where he ripped up his knee last July in a 1-0 Toronto victory. TFC has not managed a league win on the road since. Koevermans is expected to make his return next week at home to the Philadelphia Union. New England defender Ryan Guy and midfielder Stephen McCarthy will miss the game through injury while forward Dimitry Imbongo is suspended after being red-carded last week. Defender A.J. Soares (hamstring) is close to returning and Heaps can also count on 20-year-old striker Juan Agudelo who made his debut for New England last week New England is coming off a big 2-0 win in Houston. The Revolution have only scored eight goals this season, but have conceded just nine at the other end. Ziggy Hood Jersey . 10 Texas A&Ms offence dominated as usual against SMU. Su a Cravens Jersey . Laudrup revealed Thursday he was notified of his dismissal in "the briefest of letters which gave no reasons why such hasty and final action was deemed necessary. . There was no hesitation from the 40th-ranked Pospisil, from Vernon, B.C., who admitted that he cut back on his training sessions over the last few days to conserve energy as the long ATP season finishes next week at the Paris Masters. SAN FRANCISCO -- The oldest Latino civil rights group in the United States opens every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, a tradition resulting from a long fight to prove Hispanics belong in this country.In the San Francisco Bay Area, a white father of two says he would never require his young daughters to recite the pledge to show their patriotism.And in North Dakota, Native American protesters whose ancestors were here long before there was a United States waved American flags as they fought a proposed pipeline near sacred tribal land. Some demonstrators flew the flag upside down as a distress symbol.San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernicks refusal to stand during The Star-Spangled Banner in protest against racial oppression and police brutality has brought to light deep and sometimes surprising differences in the way Americans view the flag, the national anthem and the pledge.The symbols, people say, inspire skepticism and heartbreak, pride and joy, sometimes all at once in the same person. Some minorities, in particular, have conflicted feelings about symbols honoring a country that has not always treated all people equally.The flag is important to us because we have so many relatives in the military, said Justin Poor Bear, a 38-year-old member of the Oglala Lakota tribe from Allen, South Dakota. There is also a lot of pain.Following Kaepernicks example, pro athletes and high school students across the country are taking a knee or linking arms during the national anthem before sporting events.The protests have raised questions of who gets to be called a patriot.Jason Pontius, a 46-year-old white resident of Alameda, California, said the U.S. of all countries should realize that blind devotion is not the American way. Sometimes when he drops off his second-grader at school, he sticks around while she recites the Pledge of Allegiance with her class. But he doesnt join in.What makes America great, he said, is that people have always challenged the idea of what America stands for.Yet there are organizations that embrace the flag precisely as a way to declare that their members, too, are Americans.The League of United Latin American Citizens -- the nations oldest Latino civil rights group, founded in Texas by World War I veterans -- has historically opened all its meetings with the pledge and a prayer similar to one George Washington is said to have recited.Dennis W. Montoya, the leagues state director in New Mexico, said the groups emphasis on American pride is connected with a long fight by Latinos to prove they belong in this country.If someone doesnt stand for the pledge at one of our meetings, that person will probably be kicked out, Montoya said. Its disrespecting LULACs rituals and traditions.African-Americans have been moveed to create symbols that better reflect their history. Whholesale Redskins Jerseys. .The national anthem, for example, was written by a slave owner and contains a painful reference to slavery in its little-known third stanza. The NAACP dubbed Lift Evry Voice and Sing the black national anthem in 1919.The hymn is a staple of African American singers and is so important that the clergy member who gave the benediction at President Barack Obamas 2009 inauguration opened with lines from the song.After Kaepernick started his protest in August, C.C. Washington of Waco, Texas, read all the stanzas of The Star-Spangled Banner, including the one that refers derisively to slaves who fought for the British in exchange for their freedom.The 65-year-old African-American retiree -- fresh off visiting the Statue of Liberty last week -- felt betrayed.All this time, Ive been posting on Facebook: Respect our flag, respect our national anthem. Now its totally different, she said, choking up. Ill stand out of respect for the people standing next to me, not because I believe it.Poor Bear said he started looking at the anthem differently after he took a group of Oglala Lakota students to a minor-league hockey game last year. A man yelled slurs and sprayed the children with beer, incensed that one of them did not stand for the national anthem, Poor Bear said. The student had been putting batteries into a camera.So I still stand for the national anthem, Poor Bear said. But I no longer put my hand over my heart.Linda Tamura, a retired professor of education in Portland, Oregon, has no personal objections to the anthem or the flag, even though her family was among tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans put in internment camps by the U.S. government during World War II.Her father volunteered for the military, along with her uncle and other Japanese-American men who felt it was their duty. When she looks at the Stars and Stripes, she says, she feels pride, instilled in part by her parents, who more than anything wanted us to believe in our country.At the same time, she salutes the growing protest movement and hopes it triggers broader discussions about how to improve relations.Thats why my father was in the military. Thats why were part of America. Thats why we believe in America, she said. Because we have the right to say what we believe.---Contreras reported from Albuquerque, New Mexico. AP staff writer Deepti Hajela and stringer Rachelle Blidner contributed to this story from New York. Staff writers Errin Haines Whack contributed from Philadelphia; Jesse J. Holland and Noreen Nasir from Washington.---Follow Janie Har on Twitter at Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '


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