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Majestic in Bangalore is commonly called as Kempegowda Bus Station. It is located just opposite to the City Railway Station. One of the most crowded areas in Bangalore. There are many shops and restaurants lined up in the Majestic area. Due to its easy reachability to other places, it serves as an ideal located of stay amongst travellers. The wide range of hotels near Majestic, Bangalore can be found at, where you may book your ideal stay online.

This online hotel reservation platform comprises of a list of hotels in Majestic suiting all budgets, also decide on your location of stay and avail a customize stay in at your convenience. The user-friendly procedure of booking hotel rooms helps to save time. This also helps you to read guest reviews, get discounts and browse other requirements. It is advisable to select your ideal hotel room in advance, just to keep yourself away from hassles.

All the hotels are spread across various parts of Majestic, depending on their service offerings, prices and accessibility from other places. The demand of hotels near Majestic, Bangalore is never less, due to its range of attractions lined up across the city. Business as well as leisure travellers visiting this city shall never be deprived of a proper and clean accommodation. Here is a compilation of stay options near Majestic, which are close to railway station, bus stop or near to market area. It will probably help a traveller having plans to visit Bangalore and decide a well-suited accommodation here.

  1. Diva Residency: A boutique hotel offers a close distance from the Majestic Bus Terminus and railway station. In the surroundings, there are many food joints. All rooms come with necessary amenities a modern day travellers requires for a comfortable stay.

  2. UG ROYAL: This is a standard budget property from UG Group of Hotels ideal for any type of travellers willing to take up a short stay in the city or for long stays. It aims at providing a guest accommodation, which fits their budget and does not let compromise on count of basic comfort facilities.                                                                                                                    

  1. Vardhaman Paradise: This hotel property is located at a close distance from all places of interests. This delightful budget property has contemporary architecture, which ensures the guests an affable hospitality. It offers an impressive accommodation with satisfactory conveniences providing a good slumber. An amazing in house restaurant calls for a tempting cuisine, which is irresistible until the last bite.

  1. Makam Comforts: This is an ideal budget stay located close to the railway station and other public places. As value added service, guests are offered free internet access and breakfast during their stay. There are in total 25 well-appointed rooms that are equipped with essential requisites.

  1. Hotel City Centaur:  The plush hotel is located close to Bangalore City Railway Station and key attractions of Bangalore are well connected to the hotel. The rooms are designed keeping in mind the needs of corporate guests and leisure tourists heading to Bangalore for short term or long duration stays. Guests can also enjoy a wide array of facilities during their stay at the hotel. 

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The most affordable hotels in Penang also have some of the best accommodations in Malaysia. Although low on price, these hotels do not compromise on the quality of the service that they offer. Just right for the people who are looking forward to make the most of their holiday budget without spending much. The guest rooms have been designed to compete with some of the most luxurious hotels out there. These hotels cater to everyone’s budget. They have been strategically placed in the centre of the town so that traveling back and forth is an easy affair. So when you are saving on your accommodation budget then why not on traveling too? Buses are the most preferred medium of traveling here and ply almost every 15 minutes in this part of the city. There is a bus stop right at the entrance of this hotel so traveling is going to be far more convenient.

redbus, which lets you book tickets and pay

Tune Hotel George Town Penang

It is a 3 star hotel located in the prime area of Penang. It is just minutes away from the 1stAvenue Mall and also the Penang Times Square. If you talk about food, the hotel does not have any onsite restaurants so you will have to go an extra mile looking for food. But there’s nothing to worry as the street is full of hawkers selling some of the most delicious food. I personally recommend you to eat at the Hawker centre which is around 800 metres away from the hotel itself. You can get onto the hop on hop off bus in Penang that will drop you off near Tune Hotel. The hotel is just at a 5-minute walking distance from here. The hotel boasts of some of the best rooms in the neighbourhood and I must say that that stand true to their promise in all aspects. The rooms here feature French windows allowing you to experience the city’s night life from breath-taking views. Especially during the night when the city is lit with bright lights, the view is just magnificent. The hotel staff is multilingual and you won’t have a problem communicating with them. The staff also recommended some of the signature landmarks in the vicinity.

Ink hotel

Ink is known to offer some of the best-known budget accommodations in Malaysia. The hotel is at a location from where some of the best eating joints are only a few kilometres away. The hotel has its own butterfly farm so you are just going to love it if you are a nature lover. The hotel has rooms that will put some luxury hotels to shame. Equipped with some of the most modern amenities the hotel is a true delight to stay. You can board a hop on hop off bus from Sentai that will drop you off to a lane near the hotel. The hotel is at a 2-minute distance from where the bus drops you.

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People looking to take up a road journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore generally select buses, as it is a convenient and effortless way of transportation. Being one of the significant bus route in the Southern region of India, which is known to be serviced by many famous bus operators.

Bangalore being the capital city of Karnataka is perceived as a humming cosmopolitan, additionally as the blend of different communities. The fantastic street network and smooth transport framework enables individuals to access this city without facing any hiccups. The city has seen unprecedented development and is now known as the silicon valley of India. The locals now refer to the place as the city of youngsters as it features everything from green parks to developing infrastructure to breweries that remain open till late at night. The breweries are one of the best places to hang out after a tiring day at work for some rejuvenation time. There are rooftop cafes, late night eateries in almost every lane. One of the best parts about Bangalore is that it has retained its greenery even with the upcoming rapid infrastructure development. The roads that take you to these places are all surrounded by greenery making the ride quite pleasant. If this is not enough for you, the older part of the city will is nothing short of a city within a jungle. Bangalore is known to have the highest number of parks where you will see hundreds of people taking a stroll or jogging. One of the best places to visit during your stay here is Cubbon park which is on a 300 acre land.

I took online bus tickets from redbus; I decided on a Scania AC Multi Axle Seater bus. The bus journey of 9 hours from Hyderabad to Bangalore, that was smooth and comfortable. I boarded the transport from Nizampet at 8:30 pm and reached Mekhri Circle at around 6:30 am the next day. The bus transport accompanies neat interiors and cosy seating arrangements. Besides, they gave refreshment stops along with water bottles, blankets and snacks.

Hyderabad is a combination of a bunch of attractions that pull vacationers from all over the globe. A wealthy legacy and the best location. After spending a weekend trip to Hyderabad, taking a bus while returning to my home in Bangalore was a great decision. I have encountered a few appealing areas in Hyderabad with different variables. I am truly needed to taste the local road nourishment that savored my taste buds. Hyderabad has an endless rundown of excellent spots, which is most likely made of my immaculate one. I was amazed with the rich and authentic cultural heritagethat featured Hyderabad.

The journey by bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore passed through many scenic places and lush green fields. While walking by bus just make sure to carry your earphones and a couple of fast snacks to chomp on. It is a memorable bus journey experience for me!

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Jika anda adalah seorang penyayang binatang, anda tidak dapat melewatkan tempat ini ketika berada di Bali. Safari Bali and Marine Park dibangun di atas sebidang tanah besar dan di sinilah anda dapat merasakan dan tinggal di dekat hewan-hewan liar. Yang cukup menarik adalah Safari Journey Tram, di mana hewan-hewan ini datang mengintip ke dekat jendela anda untuk melihat lebih dekat ke sisi anda. Fasilitas yang ada di Safari Bali & Marine Park ini dapat memukau anda karena terdapat restaurant untuk anda memenuhi perut dari rasa lapar setelah puas berkeliling atau bahkan anda dapat menginap disini ditemani pemandangan binatang-binatang liar yang sangat dekat dengan anda.

Tempat ini menampung lebih dari enam puluh spesies hewan yang berbeda yang semuanya bebas berkeliaran di kandang mereka, yang besar dan dibangun dengan cara meniru habitat alami mereka. Anda memiliki pilihan untuk menjelajahi tempat-tempat di dalam safari sambil mengamati binatang. Manajemen juga menyelenggarakan salah satu pertunjukan keterampilan gajah. Anda juga dapat menggendong orangutan kecil yang lucu dan berpelukan dengan mereka! Lalu, pernahkah dalam benak anda ingin melihat hiu lebih dekat? Ini merupakan kesempatanmu disini. Anda bisa mengamati bayi hiu yang ada di dalam akuarium.

Saran Perjalanan:Bus adalah moda transportasi yang nyaman di seluruh Indonesia. Bus juga menghemat uang ketika tiket dipesan secara online dari situs web redbusdan bepergianlah dengan nyaman ke tujuan yang anda inginkan. Pilih dari berbagai bus yang terdaftar di situs dan pilih salah satu yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda.

Anda akan dapat melihat berbagai jenis hewan di Safari Bali and Marine Park. Spesies ini berasal dari berbagai daerah di dunia seperti Indonesia, India, dan Afrika termasuk rusa dan beruang dari Himalaya. Tetapi yang terbaik dari semuanya adalah harimau India putih yang paling dihormati yang cukup populer dan dianggap legendaris. Ada bus khusus yang membawa anda ke tujuan di mana harimau putih India ini ditemukan. Ini adalah kesempatan unik untuk melihat seluruh koleksi kehidupan liar hidup bersama secara alami di tempat terbuka dan memungkinkan kita untuk mengambil banyak foto dari Trem Safari yang sepenuhnya ber-AC yang memiliki kenyamanan dan keamanan selama berkeliling. Selain itu, pemandu pribadi akan menjelaskan kepada anda gaya hidup berbagai hewan. Dibutuhkan satu hari penuh untuk menjelajahi taman ini dan akan menjadi ide yang baik untuk mengunjunginya di pagi hari untuk menjelajahi sebanyak mungkin.

Safari Bali and Marine Park memiliki wisata unik yaitu Safari Journey yang akan membawa wisatawan melintasi habitat yang meniru alam Indonesia, India, dan Afrika dengan trem safari khusus, memperluas kesempatan untuk melihat satwa liar yang hidup secara alami bersama-sama dalam jarak yang terbuka di safari. Anda akan diperbolehkan untuk mengambil foto sebanyak yang anda suka, semua foto diambil dari trem safari ber-AC yang memiliki kenyamanan dan keamanan yang juga disertai dengan pemandu pribadi. Jika anda lapar, ada restaurant yang bernama Tsavo Lion Restaurant yang mana anda dapat menikmati hidangan makanan anda ditemani oleh para singa yang tepat berada di dekat anda yang hanya terhalang oleh kaca.

Saya menyarankan kosongkan satu hari anda hanya untuk berkunjung di tempat ini, karena anda tidak bisa mendapatkan cukup pengalaman ini jika anda tidak berkeliling ke seluruh tempat yang ada disini. Hewan-hewan liar ini tentu akan membuat anda sibuk dan terpesona sepanjang hari apalagi akan menambah wawasan si kecil jika si kecil ikut perjalanan anda kali ini. Tip terbaik untuk mencapai sana adalah ketika taman baru saja dibuka dan anda dapat bersenang-senang!

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Bogor adalah kota yang terletak di bagian barat Jawa di Indonesia. Kota ini adalah kota terbesar keenam di wilayah Metropolitan Jakarta dan ke-14 di seluruh negara Indonesia. Kota yang dijuluki kota hujan karena curah hujannya yang tinggi ini dianggap sebagai pusat ekonomi, budaya, penelitian, dan wisata yang penting. Kota ini juga menawarkan beberapa resort pegunungan terbaik seperti Pesona Alam Resort & Spa. Bogor adalah salah satu kota paling kuno di Indonesia dan sebelumnya adalah merupakan ibu kota Kerajaan Sunda. Pada tahun-tahun belakangan di zaman penjajahan Belanda dulu baru kota ini diganti nama dengan nama Bogor, yang secara harfiah diterjemahkan tanpa perawatan. Pada tahun 1745 masih di zaman penjajahan Belanda, Gubernur Jenderal Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff membangun Istana Bogor seiring dengan pembangunan Jalan Raya Daendels yang menghubungkan Batavia dengan Bogor. Bogor direncanakan sebagai sebagai daerah pertanian dan tempat peristirahatan bagi Gubernur Jenderal. Dengan pembangunan-pembangunan ini, wilayah Bogor pun mulai berkembang. Kota ini sebelumnya menjabat sebagai rumah musim panas gubernur jenderal Belanda Timur. Kota ini tersebar di lahan seluas 7,7 km persegi dengan populasi 3 juta orang. Ini menjadikan Bogor salah satu daerah terpadat di dunia. Belakangan ini, Bogor juga diakui sebagai pusat pertanian dan pendidikan dapat dilihat dari Institut Pertanian Bogor yang merupakan universitas pertanian terkemuka di Indonesia. Kota ini terletak 290 meter di atas permukaan laut dan karenanya menikmati iklim yang sejuk sepanjang tahun.

Bus adalah salah satu layanan transportasi di Indonesia. Daripada terjebak kemacetan ibukota dan harus membayar akan hal itu, banyak warga Indonesia yang lebih memilih untuk bepergian dengan bus. Jumlah bus yang terdapat disini juga cukup banyak dengan bus yang datang hampir setiap 15 menit. Saya merekomendasikan kepada anda untuk memesan tiket terlebihd dahulu dari situs redbus.idkarena apabila memesan tiket manual sangat repot untuk antri dan tiket juga cepat habis terjual. Memesan tiket bus secara online akan mendapatkan diskon yang besar dan anda dapat memilih beberapa tipe bus seperti ekonomi, ekspress, dan luxury. Perjalanan bus akan membebankan biaya sekitar Rp. 50.000 hingga Rp. 200.000 tergantung tipe bus apa yang akan anda pesan. Jika anda berkejaran dengan waktu, saya sarankan anda untuk memesan tiket dengan tipe ekspress karena bus tipe ini hanya berhenti beberapa kali dan membuat perjalanan akan lebih cepat sampai pada destinasi yang anda inginkan. Jika anda adalah orang yang memiliki anggaran ketat, anda dapat memesan tiket bus tipe ekonomi. Tetapi, jika anda menginginkan perjalanan yang lebih menyenangkan, pastikan anda memesan tiket bus tipe luxury karena terdapat fasilitas kursi yang dapat disandarkan, film-film favorit selama perjalanan, dan makanan ringan. Jadi pesan tiket anda sekarang dan lewati jalananan menuju tempat yang anda inginkan.


Malang dianggap sebagai salah satu kota paling keren dan terbersih di Indonesia. Kota ini terletak di bagian timur Jawa dan merupakan tempat yang secara historis penting. Itu telah memainkan peran utama selama perang dunia. Balang berbatasan dengan Kabupaten Blitar di sebelah baratnya, Kabupaten Jombang di sebelah utara, Kabupaten Lumajang di sebelah timurnya dan Samudra Hindia di Selatan. Satu hal yang membawa sebagian besar penduduk setempat dan turis di sini adalah pantai yang indah. Sebagian besar wisatawan lokal dan wisatawan mancanegara mengunjungi Malang sebagai tempat peristirahatan akhir pekan dari hiruk-pikuk kota.

Jarak antara Bogor dan Malang dengan jalur darat adalah sekitar 850 km. Total durasi perjalanan bus adalah sekitar 17 jam dan mungkin menghabiskan biaya sekitar Rp 170000. Hanya ada satu operator yang beroperasi pada rute ini yang dikenal sebagai Lorena. Lorena mengoperasikan kelas eksekutif bus di rute ini. Saya sangat menyarankan anda untuk bepergian dengan bus karena perjalanannya cukup indah dan operator bus sangat informatif tentang kota.

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MY PARTNER AND I also pack two pure, chiffon-like peasant blouses. I bring one flirty skirt, usually in black.
I wear one pair of skinny jeans on that plane and I pack 2 or 3 more in my wheelie.
Don't bring undergarments or socks for every day. It doesn't take that long to scrub them out. For it's time for bed wear, I bring 1 or 2 short nighties that can serve as a pool or beach cover up!
Instead of using tissue paper involving clothes or those vacuum packing bags that, from a weird way, take up room at the corners, try using the undergarments, chiffon blouses, bathing suit, and socks as any layer between the folds of your respective clothing.

How much jewelry and make up ought to be a take?

Take as little as you can! Bring one set all of earrings, necklace, and bracelet within gold and silver. Since jewelry is such an uncomplicated thing to buy and restore home, it's likely you will find something new on your travels. One travel tip that i learned years ago through my mother-in-law was that will put your jewelry in a larger size pill containers who has those daily compartments.

Plus, according to my travel rule of taking things that serve more than one purpose, consider wearing instead a lightweight scarf tied at your neck being a kerchief. If you acquire cold, it will furthermore keep you warm.

Limit your make up to the smallest number of items you might want to feel confident. You don’t want three shades of eyeliner!

What should i do about shoes and come up with clothing?

I don't like to bring clothes that solely serve for workout put on. Instead, I bring simple, fitted, cotton, capped-sleeves tops or wicking camisoles with built-in bras or cotton. I’ve also used the cotton disguise from J. Crew’s sweater pieces! You can wear such items anytime, and they're just great for layering.

MY PARTNER AND I buy Hue's skinny denims for both daytime and also workout clothing. They also stretch enough for pilates. You probably have your individual favorite brands, but keep in mind this question: Would I wear this once i am not in the gym? Men should ask themselves exactly the same question! I've seen adult men wear bathing suits with regard to gym clothes — and also daytime shorts for programs clothes.

Ah — and from now on that big pack item: shoes! Bring a set of your most supportive athletic shoes in black, tan, gray or light blue—depending for the color of your slacks or dresses. I bring only black skinny tight pants or skirts, so I bring either a black or gray set of two sneakers. I favor that gray, however, since, plainly wear a skirt or even dress, the gray "fades" in to my legs. Look at your skin layer tones, and use them to be a guide as to what color sneaker to purchase.

I wear my sneakers on the plane to get reasons of comfort for more room in my personal travel bags. I also bring one set of two neutral-colored, patent leather-trimmed Cole Haan tie-up sneakers. They look smart, they may be good for walking, plus they give your clothes your distinct and polished 40’s glimpse. Men should pack an added walking shoe that features a handsome look, too. Last but not least, see if you can squeeze in a single pair of flexible sandals which will survive getting wet to help you to use them at that pool!

I hope I offered you enough to a minimum of kick-start your thinking in another way about packing.
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There is a wide range of hotels near Andheri, Mumbai that can be booked at   redbus  at an affordable price. Simply pick any hotels near Andheri,  Mumbai and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Andheri is a locality poised in West Mumbai. In the neighbourhood, there are a number of railway stations. Comprising of a busy scene, it serves an ideal place of stay in Mumbai. The online hotel reservation platform helps you to decide the well-suited room type from the list of hotels. You can find a number of hotels near Andheri, Mumbai and book the same online, in an easy and convenient procedure.

The hotel features the pictures of the rooms for your viewing. Besides, you can read the guest reviews and select your location of stay around Andheri.

Once your stay in the new city have beensorted! Well! Now, you can plan for your itinerary without facing any difficulty. Once you book your hotel room, you will receive a confirmation via email / sms; remember to carry a printout of the booking confirmation on the hotel.

Here is a list of hotels near Andheri, Mumbai has been mentioned below, and you can book them online. These are recommended for stay due to their well-suited location and service offerings. The list includes luxury to budget hotels, suiting all budget travellers. The collection of hotels in Andheri will help you to select your ideal accommodation without any difficulty.

  1. Hotel Ace Residency:This hotel is located close to the Andheri Station and bus depot. Ideal option for accommodation and experience. It is comprised of a multi-cuisine restaurant.

  1. Hotel Classic Residency:a business hotel that signifies business comfort, luxury stay and a central location. All guests are able to easily access all places in the city from the hotel.

  1. Hotel Marol Residency Inn:The hotel is approximately 30 minutes' walk from Powai Lake. This hotel is connected with other parts of Mumbai. The hotel allows quick access to lakes and hills too.

  1. Hotel Royal Onix:homely decorated hotel available at an affordable price. If you are seeking to experience the cocoons of ease, simply opt for this hotel and access all other places from here.

  1. Hotel Cosmo:This hotel is conveniently located in the city center.

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Best Restaurants that are a must visit in Bukit Timah

In Malay Bukit Timah means the Tin bearing wheel. If you have been to Singapore, by now you must be well aware of the Bukit Timah Road which is the longest road in Singapore. The road stretches from Little India to Upper Bukit Timah which is basically from South to North and the road ends just at the entrance of the Malaysian Border.

In recent years the road has become a prime area for residential houses, luxury villas, high rise towers, schools and hotel and for some of the best fine dine restaurants. Although with so much of manmade infrastructure, the area also features some of the plushest green landscapes in Singapore. The road has its own fine collection of eateries fairly popular amongst youngsters, locals and the tourists. I personally recommend you to visit the Newton Food Centre. I have listed out to you some of the best restaurants here.

Singapore has a good network of roads and is very well connected. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then I recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. For more information visit

All the below mentioned places are easily reachable by shuttle bus services.

Brazil Churrascaria

This is a Go-To place for all meat lovers and has twelve different types of grilled meats. Each of these 12 different types of meats have been distinctly marinated. It is also considered to be one of Singapore’s best barbeque restaurants.


It is considered to be one of the most charming dine out eateries in Singapore. The restaurant features two types of seating one is indoor and the other is outdoor. It also has a state of the art Italian Green House. This Hotel is mostly preferred by early morning visitors as it opens at 7:30 am preferably for breakfast. It serves all local and global cuisines and then moves on to its usual Italian routine. I recommend you to try the Crostini Platter which is decorated with various kinds of toppings and has a large variety of thin crusted pizzas.

Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro  

Located in a very old neighbourhood this place is quite famous for its vast variety of sea foods. The locals here recommend this place for the freshest sea food. The market includes live catch from all over the world which includes Boston, Alaska, Australia, French and Japanese. You can head to any of the restaurants here that serve this fresh sea food from the country of your choice.


It is the most popular chain of Japanese family restaurants. It has three different outlets all over the world and 100 different items that you can choose from. The menu here is quite economical on your pockets and is truly good value for money. Make sure to try the deep fried king prawns and the paper steam boats that are filled with sea food and vegetables.
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