Incredibly Funny And Active Gameplay - Lowlife BlightDrain Ascendant - The Mistress of Agony Scion Build With Essence Drain из дневника mmotony

This generally is a totally chaos-based character who relies around the spreading of injury over time single-target skill, Essence Drain. The spreading occurs via Contagion, another damage in excess of time skill, but that has a correct division of impact radius. Mechanics are straightforward: you contagion space, then focus on the potentially weakest mob because POE Currency region and shoot an ED bullet in the direction. When your target dies, the full Contagion location may very well be impacted by both Contagion and Essence Drain DotS. For pure single target fights, Blight comes in to the mix: it is possible to stack this to 20 times to speed the boss kills a lot.
Essence Drain considering the 3.2 Scion is the fastest map clearing version MMOAH Gamer have played to date. Occultist cannot compete, the excellence is enormous. Shadow Trickster is pretty speedy likewise, but Scion got the Necromancer issue which is excellent for common speed!
+ Incredibly funny and active gameplay
+ Really efficient in solo playing
+ Secure playstyle, that that you are a Dotter rather than a spammer of an single skill, and that means you have the perfect time to dodge whatever mobs throw at you
+ Reflect proof, since chaos damage rocks
+ Can do all map mods!
+ Greater than decent clear speed in the event you aren't hot for backtracking for crap currencies :D
- In parties, this build lacks burst damage, so it is lots a lot less efficient
- Hall through the Grandmasters CI champions are not killed with pure chaos damage builds like this, but when you arrange a Scorching Ray setup from the Shav you may nonetheless full the map to acquire the bonus objective across the Atlas

- No Regen maps: they can be entirely doable, but I obtain them incredibly annoying; I don't appreciate to spam a mana flask every five seconds

If you want to learn more about POE Currency, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.


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