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With only several weeks to visit before MapleStory 2 makes its big debut from the west, it's all hands on deck at Nexon. The studio’s cheerful devs use a lot to convey about what’s coming together with the MMO sequel’s release, starting  using a FAQ that walks fans from the head start period that begins for founder’s pack owners on October 1st.

Nexon did note that jump players ought to MS2 Mesos reserve names ahead of the 1st or else must wait until October 10th to make new characters. Six character slots is going to be given to every one players, free or founders, with a lot more available to  purchase from your store.

Speaking on the store, a producer’s blog on monetization covered what the sport will and won't sell. Some from the big no-nos include statted gear and paying to revive about the spot. “We’re working really hard to generate MapleStory 2 the  right free-to-play game for many,” Nexon said.

What are going to be sold within the shop includes cosmetics, convenience items, player-designed items, a Premium Club, and (obviously) lockboxes, or “style crates.” Also, we totally need a bear mount where he stands on two legs and carries us in  his fuzzy arms.

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