Fan angry criticized Ninja for not ... cursing as much as the old из дневника Bale

However, when he realized that there were quite a lot of Fortnite Items viewers following him, he decided to use less sensitive words. But it turns out, there are not many Ninja fans who do not like the idea.

On Monday, Ninja announced via Twitter that he was planning to introduce a self-imposed ranking system for his streams and videos on YouTube, labeled "PG, PG-13 or R" depending on to the content.

This is more or less consistent with what Ninja told YouTuber named H3H3 in an April interview, that his goal was to create content that was "G-Rated". This was done after he received a lot of emails from fans who were parents, sharing that they wanted to be able to
Buy Fortnite Items show their children the same stream of Ninja without having to turn off the sound.


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